About Us

who we are.

We think that building a fintech business is a result of making connection between code and design, not finance. Our user-friendly applications let our users focus on using great products.

We love the web, and care deeply about beautiful code, APIs, and documentation. We really like startups and building products.

TRA has focused on providing end-to-end payment solutions to multi-billion dollar sharing economy marketplaces and vertical markets, such banking, education, livestock etc. Our strategy is to be all things payments for the largest marketplaces in our country.

TRA launched on January 1st of 2017. Our company powers billions of dollars in commerce annually. Many of our customers are fast-growing technology companies or shopping markets around Turkey. Our financial backing is provided by Arena Faktoring.

The Values that Guide our Products

Math is Security

Our team believes protecting data means investing in a great math-based defense. We are a learning organization with iterative security in our DNA: strong cryptography, statistical analysis, machine learning, continuous monitoring and ongoing training inside and outside of our team.

Growth Comes from Customer Growth

The success of our partners and customers is our success. We operate at scale, while scaling with multiple partners.

Always On, Always Improving

While providing our customers with dedicated “Iowa nice” support, we test and defend our platform as well as yours. Our monitoring services continuously scan for attacks and anomalies, and we’re always making proactive improvements.

Solve the Right Problem

With enough time and money, any problem is solvable. We work to solve the right problems for the right reasons with our customers. We work with well-funded companies focused on executing well.

Play the Long Game

We lead our teams and communities forward by contributing to the greater good. Whether that’s organizing food drives, contributing to the open source community, or participating in information security organizations, we consider contributing externally to be as important as contributing internally.

We believe that you solve big problems by making the right incremental improvements. We contribute at the community level but also with national and global finance technology initiatives.

We Are Never Done

There is no end state. We must be relentless in the pursuit of success for our customers, our team, and our community.