About Us

TRA Bilişim was established on January 1, 2017 within the body of Sakarya University Teknokent. It participated in the development and creation of Software used in different areas, such as BOSS, MAKAS and Dilim.

TRA Bilişim supports freelancer entrepreneurs and project owners as well as carrying out successful software projects in many fields within the company.

TRA Bilişim provides support to its customer base, active in many sectors such as banking, and animal husbandry, among others, consisting of pioneer companies that renew themselves through the use of dynamic and growing technology networks and have breakthrough in the field of trade.

TRA Bilişim has achieved many successes since its establishment with its active and effective approach.

Among the informatics companies within Sakarya University Teknokent, in 2017, it was awarded first prize in both the categories of “general ranking of entrepreneurial firms” and “entrepreneurial firms active between 0-4 years and their achievements in the field of R&D”. It was also placed first in the 2021 Sakarya University Teknokent Technology employment award in the R&D category.

As TRA Bilişim, our strategy is to provide the necessary software support to the leading companies in their sectors in Turkey, with the awareness of the continuous development and changes in technology.

We are always open to unique talents!

If you want to join TRA, just fill out the form and apply.